I am a 3d Artist, Animator and Director living in Portland, OR.
This is my story.

It was May of 1999 and I had just received my degree in Philosophy from Pomona College in Claremont, CA. With proof of educatedness and my youthful aspirations for adventure I packed up the car and drove across the country to Somerville, MA. As I settled into my new home I also began to ponder all the marketable skills I lacked.

For a time I found success as a Temporary Data Entrist but I yearned for more so I enrolled in Java programming and 3d graphics courses through Harvard's Extension program.

With the tech bubble growing - I was soon tapped to work for a start-up called Zefer on multi-million dollar web projects using both Javascript and Flash technology. I had finally made it - and I was only 22 years old. A year later - on my 23rd birthday - I was informed that the bubble had burst and Zefer was closing shop. The world grew dark.

But the next morning was bright, so I sold my bed, and then stuffed my guitar, a drum kit and clothes into a red Honda Civic and drove my dazzling Flash skills to the sunnier pastures of cloudy Portland.

After a time I found steady work as a motion designer, flash animator, and interactive coder. My insatiable curiosity expanded into character animation, illustration, and 3d arts through online animation workshops, continuing education, and self-study. In 2013 I was awarded with a BA in Art Pratices from the glorious institution of Portland State University for all my contributions to the study of the human figure.

It is my generalist ability and curiosity that positions me to be a great leader and contributor. I work hard, have vast curiosity, and am a skilled communicator. I also have enough experience under my belt to help guarantee the success of any project.

I would love to help consult and build out your 3d animation, Proof of Concept, AR game, VR experience, or Interactive App.